D'SALON Concept by Mario D'Romeo offers a "Life-Changing" experience in the form of a very unique boutique hair salon.

"We believe that hair is integral to a person's well-being and their individual approach to self".

With optimal attention to detail and customer service, D'SALON Concept is here to raise the bar in the beauty industry.

The hair care products used at D'SALON Concept (UNITE, aquage, Brazilian Blow-Out, AQUA hair extensions) are carefully chosen, giving careful consideration to the client's hair texture, structure and lifestyle; also, their expert staff trains each client in the fundamentals of daily hair care and styling, encouraging and supporting them to embrace and enjoy the authentic quality of their hair every day.

D'SALON Concept uses WELLA the color, which has been in the market for over 125 years.

Attention to detail extends to the decor with ECO-LITE lighting which removes all shadows, unique and comfortable chairs in the welcome area. A private changing room that offers luxurious silk-blend robes and custom designed lush floor to ceiling curtains that define spaces for added privacy.